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Upholstery Cleaning San Diego | Furniture Cleaning

Types of Applications:

Interior, Exterior, Couch, Chair, Love seat, Ottoman, Recliner, Sectional, Patio Furniture, Etc.

Upholstered Furniture:

Cotton, Linen, Wool, Brocade, Microfiber, Suede, Velvet, Velour, Corduroy, Needlepoint, Down Furniture, Delicate fabrics

We at Tonys Best Way realize that no two pieces of furniture are the same, therefore we perform a custom cleaning for every job. The results will amaze you.

Our Cleaning Method:

Our technicians are experts at Upholstery Cleaning in San Diego and will perform an initial inspection of the furniture to determine the best cleaning solutions to be used to obtain the best results. He will then thoroughly remove all dust, pet hair, loose soil and any other existing particles with a high powered vacuum.

Dry Foam Soil Extraction
We have developed the revolutionary cleaning method from a third already outstanding method. View the video animation and see how it works. The results of a health plus clean carpet cleaning cleaning far surpass the results you can expect from any other cleaning. A small amount of hot water and cleaning solution is inserted into our cleaning machine, which generates hot, dry foam, similar to the consistency of shaving cream, and applies it to the furniture. A continuously forward-propelling dense-bristle brush follows the foam and pushes it to the base of the fabric so that it covers the length of the fibers and then lifts the foam, now containing all the soil, sugar and oil left behind by common spills and use, back out where we then remove it by powerful suction. When the sugars and oils are not completely removed, like in other cleaning methods, they will continue to attract soil allowing existing stains to return quickly. The foam is gentle on the fabric but powerfully penetrates sugar, oil and soil in the fibers. This low moisture method eliminates the need for your furniture to be soaked, which causes the need for an extended drying period and leaves large amounts of chemical residue. The foam works on all levels of the fabric removing the soil from the bottom up instead of forcing the topsoil down, which can be stirred back to the surface after a few weeks of normal use. As with all of our services, we offer a risk free demonstration that will make you a believer.

Persistent Stains and Spots and Compacted Soil Removal
Stubborn stains in need of extra attention will be hand treated with a custom solution selected by the technician who has had years of experience with stain composition. Heavily soiled areas will be eradicated by a hand tool, which will loosen the compacted soil so that it can be removed with white towels. The result of this detailed and labor intensive process will leave your furniture as clean as can be.

Not only do we strive to offer the best cleaning solutions available, we care about your health. Part of our custom cleaning solution is a sanitizer that will help reduce the risk of allergies and sickness by eradicating allergens, germs, dust mites and dander from within your furniture. A Tonys Best Way cleaning truly does more than just give your furniture an outstanding appearance.

Customized Cleaning
We always test for color fastness before cleaning upholstered furniture and proceed accordingly. No two fabric conditions are the same, so we always adjust our cleaning procedures to allow for the best cleaning results. For upholstered furniture that is too fragile for machine cleaning we use an excellent 100% hand cleaning and hand finishing procedure. Likewise, if your furniture cannot tolerate moisture, we will use a dry cleaning procedure. If your furniture easily develops water stains, we will expertly use a combination of blending and air dyers to get the best possible results. The more customized your cleaning is, the better results you can expect.

Furniture Armor/Fabric Protection
The time to apply our optional furniture protectant is after such our deep and thorough cleaning. The protectant provides a clear layer that will help keep your furniture clean for an extended amount of time. It will also help in case of accidents by giving you a cushion of precious time before stains set. For more information see this page. We use fabric Guard, Dupont/Teflon, etc.

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They Say Best Way Turned Back the Clock on Their Furnitures Life

The 4 Steps Tony's Best Way Uses to Get Furniture Really Clean:

What Health+Clean does for your health:

The results of a Health+Clean treatment:

How we can get the best results

Need Tender Loving Care

View The health plus clean carpet cleaning Video Animation Demonstration

Hear what our satisfied customers have to say

Receive a FREE never-ending supply of our fabulous spot remover with your cleaning!

We Offer Risk-Free Demonstrations!

Our technician will clean a small section of the most soiled portion of your carpet, hardwood, natural stone, tile, custom rug, window treatment or furniture at no charge. If you are not completely convinced that we produced the best results youve ever seen, we will leave with no obligation to continue the cleaning. Seeing is believing!

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If you'd like to learn even more about our unique Furniture cleaning method please continue reading below.

Service Areas

All Coastal Areas

La Jolla, Bay Park, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Coronado, University City, Sorrento Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Carlsbad, La Costa, Encinitas, Vista, Oceanside, Fallbrook

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On Special Occasion

Temecula, Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs

Furniture Cleaning Extended Information

What Color Was That Chair?

Does this sound familiar?

You're sitting in your favorite chair, watching a good movie. Your reach up to wipe away a tear or two and suddenly, you realize it's not the movie that's bringing tears to your eyes; it's this stinky, old chair! Time to call us to schedule an upholstery cleaning!

Deep Cleaning and Fast Drying

We offer a thorough cleaning process that will have your upholstery sparkling clean, dry and ready to use again in a couple of hours.

Our highly trained technicians will test your upholstery fabric and choose the cleaning system that is best for each individual piece. Whether it's the finest natural fibers requiring solvent cleaning, or the hardiest of synthetic fabrics, rest assured, we'll pick the right tool for the job.

The Benefits of Clean Furniture

Besides the obvious benefit of appearance, by cleaning your upholstered furniture, you are extending its life. Embedded soil can be abrasive, acting like tiny razor blades slicing and dicing your fabrics, causing them to wear prematurely. By having us clean your upholstery, you are not only ridding the fabric of soil, you help remove unhealthy allergens, such as dust mites, animal and human hair and dander, plus mold and mildew spores. That helps you and your family breathe easier too!

Impressive Results

Don't wait another day. Have your furniture deep cleaned by us and enjoy a fresher, cleaner home that will impress the most discriminating visitor. We clean all fabrics.

Fabric Protection Also Available

Fortify your furniture's ability to stand up to life's unexpected messes by protecting it with upholstery protector. A small investment in this invisible shield will add great value in the long run. Ask your technician for more information. You'll be glad you did!

They Say Best Way Turned Back the Clock on Their Furnitures Life

Tony's Best Way utilizes an out-of-the-ordinary and very effective method to clean both upholstered (cloth-covered) and leather [please hyperhink to leather furniture page] furniture.

Health+Clean is not the cheapest furniture cleaning method out there but it sure has it rewards. We've heard, "I cant believe how good a job you did; my furniture looks like it did when it was new! so many times we lost count long ago. Take a look at our client testimonials

No two pieces of furniture are the same. Each requires a specific type of cleaning to get the best cleaning results possible. That is why our highly customizable cleaning method is the perfect fit. We do not use one-size-fits-all furniture cleaning solutions or methods. We will use only what works vest for your specific piece of furniture.

You wont find our method used anywhere else in San Diego. Read on to learn more.

The 4 Steps Tony's Best Way Uses to Get Furniture Really Clean:

1. We prepare the way for effective results. As we inspect the furniture to be cleaned we note all trouble areas and may ask a few pertinent questions to determine stain compositions. We take this information into account as we pick the cleaning solutions that would result in the best results for your particular staining and type of furniture. Our extraordinary furniture cleaning machine begins to generates our signature sanitizing foam as we treat your furnishings to a high powered vacuum treatment. We eradicate loose soil, crumbs, pet hair and mystery particles before we apply your furnitures own custom cleaning solution.

2. Next we begin our signature cleaning method. We inject and work in our deeply sanitizing foam (A.K.A. "the ultimate dirt magnet"), into your furniture-literally covering it in a substance similar in appearance to shaving cream. This cleansing foam instantly attracts the two elements dirty furniture contains: soil and soil attractants. The soil alone isnt our main concern. Its the sticky arms of body oil and second-hand cooking, as well as old sugar-containing spill residue that really cause otherwise loose soil particles to tightly cling to highly-used areas on your furniture. These sticky soil attractants are what really makes the persistent darkening "dirty spots you see growing in size on your furniture. ( In addition to gummy atmospheric pollutants that have settled into your furniture, such as automobile fumes from outside) After our foam has collected this jungle of filth, we whisk it right out of your furniture with a powerful water-sealed suction device.

3. Next, we hand-clean stubborn stains Most stains will be gone by this point, but usually there are some that remain and so need extra attention. In response, we will treat each of these by hand on an individual basis. Our excellent technician teams have extensive stain composition knowledge and years and years of furniture cleaning experience. That means they size up tricky stains and pick their battle gear with a skillful eye. Other cleaners with limited knowledge and arsenals just cannot duplicate this expertise. After our technicians use these skills to reawaken persistent stains to moist open states and then clean them. In most cases, even your most obstinate stains will be eliminated by this expert care.

4. Extra-soiled areas receive special attention . Likewise, very heavily soiled areas will also be specially double-treated at this point. We go over heavily-soiled areas with a hand-held furniture scraper to physically remove ultra compacted soil. We then remove the resulting loose soil with white towels. We actually will continue to repeat this arduous process as long as it takes to get your furniture truly clean. This detailed care is part of the reason we get out outstanding results.

Your furniture will truly receive a complete cleaning with Tonys Best Way.

Wed like to point out again that we tailor our cleaning solution for your needs. Say your furniture is made of an tricky-to-clean material or has peculiar staining, or you prefer no chemicals in your solution. We take all that into account when we make your custom mixed cleaning solution right at your home or business. It works fabulously. And we always add a Tonys Best Way exclusive property into the already fantastic tailored foam-a non-toxic and furniture-safe sanitizer.

What Health+Clean does for your health:

Our through, one-of-a-kind cleaning is not just a cleaning -its a sickness and allergy-relief service!

We include the sanitizer because we don't just clean for appearance; we also clean for health. Think about air particles like pet dander and skin follicles-the food for dust mites and germs layering themselves day after day on your furniture . Think about tiny mold particles also found there, that are being released into your family's breathing space whenever someone sits on your couches and chairs. Then think all this being pinned to the ground by our mean light foam and absorbed.

When we extract the soiled foam, out comes these germs and dust mites (along with their food: pet/human dander and skin slough) as well. Even microscopic remains of these unhealthy contaminates are not left to continue on as before-the sanitizing process goes on (you can actually hear a popping sound as the sanitizer does its work) to powerfully kill them.

We do this because we know you want the germs and dust mites that can harm you, your children and your pets dead. Allergy and other ill-health sufferers may decide to clean their furniture if for no other reason than for health reasons.

The results of a Health+Clean treatment:

The results of such a thorough cleaning are, as you may imagine, way above average.

The whole piece was treated with the the ultimate dirt magnet" cleansing foam and the stand-out stains and soiling, hand-cleaned by your Best Way technician, received a double-punch in the process. A whole lot of soil was cleaned out of your furniture-not merely pushed down or soaked with a poor quality product.

Its clear that we at Tonys Best Way really clean when we say we clean-which is how it should be. Obviously all cleaning services out there say they do a great job cleaning but there always is the best in the bunch. And we are confident that in all of San Diego, Tony's Best Way will do the best job cleaning your upholstered and leather [hyperlink to leather page] furniture.

You can be confident too -even before you hire us. How so? Well let you see the results of our cleaning before you pay us a single dollar. When our technician comes out to your home simply ask for our free three-minute furniture cleaning demonstration. You can judge yourself if your last steam cleaner or Chemdry technician even came close to the results we produce. This free cleaning test has shocked many of our prospective customers as they view the difference in appearance on their very own furniture with their own eyes. No TV demonstration could be more impressive. Youll just love seeing your very own sofa, couch, sectional, or ottoman brighten up before your very eyes as we give our free demonstration.

As Tony says, "theres nothing like experience, know-how, elbow grease and working technology to get the job done right the first time".

How Can We Get You the Best Results?

First, you and one of our qualified technicians will evaluate your furniture's needs. Every Item Must Be Treated Differently. Then we will decide what will be the best approach and why! Each manufacturer recommends a specialized cleaning method and, best of all, you will know up front what we can and can't do. That way there's no surprises!

Here are some things to be concerned about Furniture fabrics.

Furniture comes in various types of fabrics, and it is important that we determine what type it is prior to cleaning. This gives us the ability to clean it properly. Even if you don't choose us, please be sure that when you get a quote you make certain that the company is taking all of this under consideration. Here is a final note: If the wrong cleaning agents are used they will ruin the fibers and possibly the entire furniture.

Do you have a favorite chair or couch you think is looking too tired and dirty to keep, but just can't bear the thought of giving it up?

Give us a call. We know how to bring the life and vitality of your upholstery back. Our expert upholstery cleaning technicians will give you a reasonable expectation of how we can make your favorite piece look.

With training, certification and years of furniture cleaning experience in the San Diego area, we know how to compensate for Southern California 's unique cleaning environment and ensure your furniture is cleaned safely and thoroughly.

Are you afraid of having your Haitian Cotton couch cleaned for fear of damaging it?

Whether it's Haitian Cotton, Virgin Wool, Linen, or any other delicate type of fabric, our cleaning experts can clean it. Even if other companies have told you it can't be cleaned; call us. We can clean what other cleaners can't! Our cleaning experts can usually remove stains that you thought might never come out.

Clean, Deodorize and Sanitize

Need Tender Loving Care

Our upholstery cleaning division, procedures and results, concerns are very similar to our carpet cleaning where we went into much detail about many aspects.

If you would like to have additional details about the procedures, please check there.

The main difference being that furniture fabric overall is much more delicate than carpet so it still needs more knowledgeable carefulness and watchfulness for details.

As for carpet cleaning, we went to schools, seminars, etc. But even more, the practical aspect of 38 years of experience of cleaning from the most delicate to the most durable of fabrics. To clean we mainly use a hand held machine with the same dry foam extraction features as our carpet cleaning process and the same extraordinary results.

Again, because of the low moisture content, good agitation and extraction with a strong vacuum system, our upholstery cleaning method gives you a superior cleaning result. Since much of our cleaning solution we make ourselves, we can customize it and mix the necessary ingredients to the need of the individual fabric and the kind of soiling present.

We need to be much more concerned not to cause water stains, so we do much blending in of our moistures on your fabrics. Some fabric we also need to test-dry to determine that our procedure won't leave water stains.

As the circumstances arise, sometimes we need to hand clean or dry clean certain fabrics as not to cause damage to them.

We Offer Risk-Free Demonstrations!

Our technician will clean a small section of the most soiled portion of your carpet, hardwood, natural stone, tile, custom rug, window treatment or furniture at no charge. If you are not completely convinced that we produced the best results you've ever seen, we will leave with no obligation to continue the cleaning. Seeing is believing!

1-858- 459-3201
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"Our Technicians Are At Your Service"

"Your friendly, local cleaning crew"

Dear Tony,

You just cleaned my carpeting a few days ago. I had to let you know how pleased I am. I already called your office and told your secretary. I also felt compelled to write to let you know just how gorgeous my carpeting and furniture looks. Its like moving into a new home.

You dont know how I appreciate the fact that I can go to work, leave you my house key and feel confident that you will handle everything with integrity and honesty.

Again, I value your fine services.


Pat S.
San Diego, CA

No two fabric conditions are the same, so we always adjust our cleaning procedures to allow for the best cleaning results.

For upholstered furniture that is too fragile for machine cleaning we use an excellent 100% hand cleaning and hand finishing procedure. Likewise, if your furniture cannot tolerate moisture, we will use a dry cleaning procedure. If your furniture easily develops water stains, we will expertly use a combination of blending and air dyers to get the best possible results.

"Tonys sons James & Michael are polite and knowledgeable."
Dear Tony's Best Way,

I am writing to tell you how very pleased we are at the wonderful job your son and his helper did on our 6 kitchen chairs. The set is about 20 years old and we were pretty sure we would have to replace them.

I called your company (from the Yellow Pages) on Wednesday and before the day was over we had 6 beautifully cleaned chairs.

The boys were pleasant and polite and quite efficient.

We know who we will call when our next need arises.

Thank you so much.

Neil & Honore L.

"Our friendly technicians make the cleaning process a breeze!"

I couldn't be more pleased with your work. The stains on the Martha Washington chair are completely gone, and the sofa and side chair look great!! It will be a pleasure to recommend your services to my friends. Martha Smith, San Diego

healthy carpet cleaning
eco friendly carpet cleaning
spot cleaner carpets rugs san diego

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my thanks for doing such a beautiful job of cleaning our furniture. We had unforeseen chemical reactions, but you had both the integrity and skill to make certain that we had a professional result of the highest quality Thank you for a superb job on the carpets and furniture. Mrs. Smith

"We also clean outdoor furniture."
We have found Tony Tothquite energetic, efficient with speed and most reliable. We were pleased unreservedly with their handling of our cleaning of our various carpets and sofas Mrs. Theodore S. Geisel (Dr. Seuss' wife)

"Tough outdoor conditions are no match for our technicians."

"Our portable machines can reach nearly anywhere."
Dear Tony's Best Way,

Recently I moved in to a new condominium and decided it was a good time to get my living room furniture cleaned. Tony's Best Way sent two of their men to clean my furniture, and the work was so good that my favorite reading chair and footstool and my living room sofa now look like brand new. Besides the exceptional quality of their work, the men that came to my home were professional and acted like gentlemen. They worked very hard and were very pleasant. It is important to me to keep my home clean and from now on Tony's Best Way will be my first choice.

Thanks to you for your excellent work and great customer service. It is truly appreciated.

Yours truly,
Norman L.
San Diego, CA
"We have served San Diegans since 1971"

"We offer different methods of cleaning for all types of fabrics."

"No two pieces of furniture are the same."

Dear Tony,

I'd like to tell you how grateful I am and pleased to add this letter to your portfolio I remember the first time you helped us when you cleaned spilled grape juice out of our brand new carpet and saved it. The carpet was saved and we were delighted and impressed. Now when you and your sons came into our home and did a multitude of projects.

First, the draperies were cleaned right on the windows where they hang. We used to send them out to clean but had to live without drapes and they could never hang the same again. In addition, you even cleaned the bathtub drapes; they are squeaky clean.

Our two miniature poodles keep our rugs regularly spotted. We had tried other carpet cleaners before and they could not remove the spots. Well, the spots are gone with your fabulous carpet cleaner product! Yes the oriental rugs also are rejuvenated; it looks like we just bought new carpets at a fraction of the cost. It seems like a good idea to apply that 3M Scotchgard protection to keep carpeting, rugs and furniture cleaner and brighter longer. Our blinds, yes, they too are bright and clean.

Our furniture is looking grand new. We love the new leather furniture that your experts re-dyed with this wonderful new method. One more thing, Tony its good you replaced the padding under all our rugs with all this work. Our hardwood floors show no scratches or damage after all this labor.

Even our housekeeper of 20 years was commenting on the wonderful work. I just had a luncheon with my ladies club and I had to share the professionalism and quality of your fine work with them too. I would not be surprised if you would hear from them to take care of their fine investments too. Tony, it is a marvel how harmonious you work with your sons. What we are most grateful for is that we did not have to hire five or six different companies and deal with all of those people; but your fine team was able to take care of it all.

Thank you Tony, Daniel and James.

Mr. & Mrs. Myron T.
La Jolla, CA

"James, Tonys son and lead technician."

"We adjust our cleaning procedures to give you the best results possible"

The sofa and the love chair look fabulous again. The colors sparkle. Your work is very efficientThank you very much!-John P. Baker

healthy carpet cleaning
eco friendly carpet cleaning
spot cleaner carpets rugs san diego

Thank you so much for taking care of our problem with the upholstered pieces that you cleaned We do appreciate all that you have done for us. Mrs. Albert Perry