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Leather Upholstery Cleaning

It is very important that you entrust your leather upholstery to a knowledgeable, conscientious leather cleaning expert. Different leather pieces require different cleaning methods and different cleaning products. If treated improperly, leather will lose years of its life. We know our customers value their leather and want only the best quality cleaning that keeps the long-term condition of their furniture in mind.

Beware of the improper cleaning methods out there that use cheap harsh chemicals that strip leather of its essential natural oil. Such abuse causes leather to dry out and harden. The drier leather becomes, the more brittle its surface and the more cracks will appear. Improper cleanings can literally be worse for your leather furniture than not cleaning them at all. In contrast to such a method, we at Tonys Best Way use a mild cleaning solution as our base and then customize it depending on your specific leathers needs. We also use specialized non-damaging cleaning brushes that are gentle and yet very effective at reaching and removing deeply imbedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants from leathers nooks and crannies.

We use three different leather cleaning methods because there is no one-size-fits-all leather cleaning method. most leather can be cleaned with moisture, but other require dry cleaning. Still other types of leather can only take gentle hand cleaning. If a unknowledgeable company uses the wrong method on your leather, serious damage can result.

We at Tonys Best Way will send you experienced technicians that are knowledgeable about the many different kinds of leather. By knowing precisely the characteristics of your specific leather, they will expertly discern the method that will yield you the best cleaning results while protecting the leathers integrity. We have restored countless leather pieces that were even 10+ years old so well that our customers maintain that they look the same as when they brought them home from the showroom. The results will astound you. Even six month old leather pieces can show huge improvement after our detailed cleaning.

Before you hire us, ask our technician for a free no-obligation demonstration. Our spot cleaning a small portion of your leather furniture will show you the magnificent results our signature Health+Clean method produces for yourself.

You wont find this method used anywhere else in San Diego:

4 Steps of our fabulous Health+Dry cleaning method: Moisture is a great cleaning tool but it must be used sparingly or can actually damage your furniture. We do not soak furniture and thereby damage its interior. Our signature 4 Step Health+Dry cleaning method is the same low-moisture cleaning method that produces our fabulous fabric furniture cleaning results.

1. We prepare the way for effective results. As we inspect the furniture to be cleaned we note all trouble areas and may ask a few pertinent questions to determine stain compositions. We take this information into account as we pick the cleaning solutions that would result in the best results for your particular staining and type of leather. We eradicate loose soil, crumbs, pet hair and mystery particles as needed before we apply your furnitures own custom cleaning solution.

2. Next we begin our signature cleaning method. We inject and work in our deeply sanitizing foam (A.K.A. "the ultimate dirt magnet"), into your furniture-literally covering it in a substance similar in appearance to shaving cream. This cleansing foam instantly attracts the two elements dirty furniture contains: soil and soil attractants. The soil alone isnt our main concern. Its the sticky arms of body oil and second-hand cooking, as well as old sugar-containing spill residue that really cause otherwise loose soil particles to tightly cling to highly-used areas on your furniture. These sticky soil attractants are what really makes the persistent darkening "dirty spots you see growing in size on your furniture. ( In addition to gummy atmospheric pollutants that have settled into your furniture, such as automobile fumes from outside) After our foam has collected this jungle of filth, we whisk it right out of your furniture with a powerful water-sealed suction device.

3. Next, we hand-clean stubborn stains. Most stains will be gone by this point, but usually there are some that remain and so need extra attention. In response, we will treat each of these by hand on an individual basis. Our excellent technician teams have extensive stain composition knowledge and years and years of leather furniture cleaning experience. That means they size up tricky stains and pick their battle gear with a skillful eye. Other cleaners with limited knowledge and arsenals just cannot duplicate this expertise. After our technicians use these skills to reawaken persistent stains to moist open states and then clean them. In most cases, even your most obstinate stains will be eliminated by this expert care.

4. Extra-soiled areas receive special attention. Likewise, very heavily soiled areas will also be specially double-treated at this point. We use a cleaning brush specialized for use on leather to get into its tiny crevasses. In this way, we reach and remove deeply embedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants, etc. These elements are harmful because they dry out the leather and remove its natural oils. We remove the resulting loose soil with white towels. We actually will continue to repeat this arduous hand finishing process (AKA The white toweling process) for as long as it takes to get your furniture truly clean.

Leather Conditioning

In addition to our fabulous result-producing Health+Dry cleaning, we include leather conditioning as part of our service to you. Leather conditioning should always go hand in hand with cleaning. Conditioning replaces shine on finished leather and helps impede future soiling, fading and cracking.

It is very important to condition leather once every year; more often if it sees heavy use or is in direct light as these accelerate leather dehydration.

Conditioning helps repair slight fading and sun damage by darkening leathers color. Our leather conditioning service is essential for the life, looks and durability of your newly cleaned furniture.

Our detailed care is part of the reason you can expect outstanding results from Tonys Best Way.

Wed like to point out again that we tailor our cleaning solution for your needs. Say your furniture has peculiar staining or soiling -or that you prefer no chemicals in your solution. We take all that into account when we make your custom-mixed cleaning solution right at your home or business. This works fabulously. And we always add a Tonys Best Way exclusive property into the already fantastic tailored foam-a non-toxic and finished leather-safe sanitizer. This is where the health aspect of our cleaning comes into play:

What Health+Clean does for your health:

Our through, one-of-a-kind method is more than just a cleaning -its a sickness and allergy-relief service!

We include the sanitizer because we don't just clean for appearance; we also clean for health. Think about air particles like pet dander and skin follicles-the food for dust mites and germs layering themselves day after day on your furniture. Think about tiny mold particles also found there that are being released into your family's breathing space whenever someone sits on your couches and chairs. Then think all this being pinned to the ground by our mean light foam and absorbed.

When we extract the soiled foam, out comes these germs and dust mites (along with their food: pet/human dander and skin slough) as well. The sanitizing process goes on to powerfully kill the microscopic-sized remainder.

Why does Tonys Best Way alone include this unique sanitizing service as part of our cleaning service? We know you want the germs and dust mites that can harm you, your children and your pets dead. We want the same thing. The health benefits from truly clean furnishings are compelling. In fact, allergy and other ill-health sufferers may decide to clean their furniture if for no other reason than for health reasons.

There are 3 different types of leather furniture:

  1. Finished (shiny surface)
  2. Semi-finished (medium shine)
  3. Unfinished (matte)

Finished Leather


About 90% of all leather furniture we treat has a gloss or semi-gloss shine to it. Finished leather is a very practical covering and youll enjoy leather pieces covered in it for a long time with proper cleaning.

However, when leather is not maintained respectfully in a regular manner, its handsomeness will become hidden by soiling, cooking and body oils, and atmospheric pollutants (CLICK TO EXPLAND TO: such as automobile fumes particles that have settled on your furniture)

These impurities cover and begin to oxidize leathers surface causing it to dehydrate as its natural oils evaporate. Very fine dust particles will then penetrate leathers organic crevasses which may lead to cracks and splits. The main cause of cracked leather is the drying and dehydration process.

In addition to cracking, non-maintained leather starts to fade. This is especially true if the leather is in an area of your home that has bright lights or is in direct sunlight. If body oils are present and left on the leather, it will start to dissolve the finishing dyes that are in the leather which causes its original color to fade, and its surface to dry out and even start to crack in some cases.

These are the main reasons why you should have us renew your leather from time to time to restore it to an as-new condition.

Unfinished Leather

Aniline, NuBuck, Suede, etc.

Unfinished and semi-finished leather is very soft, beautiful and earth toned. For these reasons, interior decorators recommend it to their clients all the time. Unfortunately, its understated raw beauty comes with a price as, practically speaking; this type of leather is more for display than for everyday living.

Natural leather acts as a sponge. It drinks up any and all moisture (including oil). It soils very easily. These two facts make unprotected leather very hard to clean.

We will put our decades of experience to work for you and give you the best cleaning results possible. One truly needs much expertise, knowledge and carefulness to get the best cleaning results possible for unfinished or semi-finished leather furniture.

There are types of unfinished leather that can only be hand cleaned by blending in moisture in very carefully. Still other types of unfinished leather need to be 100% dry cleaned. Its vital that you hire someone who is very experienced with the way different unprotected leather responds so that they accordingly use different methods for each.

Although we cant guarantee the fabulous results our finished leather method produces, most of our clients are very satisfied with the results of these specialized unfinished leather cleaning procedures. We do the best that can be done keeping in mind the narrow cleaning margin of such a very absorbent material.

Unfinished Leather Conditioning and Protecting. We include leather furniture conditioning treatment after our cleaning. This will afford your unfinished furniture some much needed protection from dehydration and fading. As there is heightened danger of darkening due to the conditioners moisture, we will test it beforehand and ask for your approval before proceeding. For added protection from moisture, some unprotected leather pieces can accept our optional dry furniture protectant treatment. [link to Scotchgard page]

Your leather furniture will truly receive a complete cleaning with Tonys Best Way.

We at Tonys Best Way have over three decades of experience cleaning both protected and unprotected leather furniture in San Diego. We have learned priceless knowledge about the proper way to treat all types of leather and the way certain stains react to leather. We will do the best possible job for you. Rest assured, we are not a fly by night operation. We not only aim to please you but we aim to completely impress you so that you invite us back in the future.


1. How often do I need to have my leather furniture cleaned and conditioned?
This can vary depending on where the furniture is located in your home and how much use it gets. For leather furniture that gets regular use but does not sit in direct sunlight, the answer is about once a year. If your leather furniture is daily in direct sunlight, it may need cleaning and conditioning every 3-6 months to keep it in great condition. Leather is prone to cracking and fading so its best to keep it out of the sun.

2. What about water-intolerant leather furniture?
For unfinished leather furniture we at Best Way take special precaution so that it is not damaged. Moisture can devastate some types of suede and nu buck leather furniture. So, in those cases, we use 100% dry method. You should be hesitant to trust delicate furniture to just anyone. With our three plus decades of experience you can rest assured "if anyone can clean it; Best Way can!"

3. Can you dye or re-dye leather furniture?
Tony's Best Way did offer leather re-dyeing for a number of years. We actually came up the method we used. We re-dyed everything from a huge sectional (from walrus-pink to brown) to a cracked blue Rolls Royce seat back cushion. This facet of Tony's Best Way was passed onto Tony's daughter Bethany and son-in-law Alex Horvath in 2004. They may be reached at (858) 401-2661 or visit them online at

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Take Proper Care of Your Leather

Terms of Leather

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Our technician will clean a small section of the most soiled portion of your carpet, hardwood, natural stone, tile, custom rug, window treatment or furniture at no charge. If you are not completely convinced that we produced the best results youve ever seen, we will leave with no obligation to continue the cleaning. Seeing is believing!

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Furniture Cleaning In San Diego | Leather Cleaning Extended Information

Take Proper Care of Your Leather

It is very important that you entrust your leather upholstery to a knowledgeable, contentious leather cleaning expert that has been doing Furniture Cleaning in San Diego for over 4 decades. One who is knowledgeable with the many different kinds of leather fabrics and knows its characteristics so that he can decide the right cleaning methods, solutions, etc.

Most leather can be wet cleaned, some dry cleaned or hand cleaned with tender loving care. On most, there needs to be a very a very specialized cleaning brush used to get into the tiny crevasse to reach and remove the deeply imbedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants, etc, which dries out the leather, removing the natural oils and eventually makes the leather crack and split.

If harsh chemicals are used for cleaning, not that they will renew the leather, but rather that they will damage it by stripping the natural oils and making it subject to drying out.

Leather has natural oils that keep it from drying, stiffening and cracking. Over time, tiny, abrasive, atmospheric pollutants that crowd every skin pore replace these oils. Our cleaning process first removes body oils, general soils and damaging atmospheric pollutants from your leather. Then, very importantly, we recondition the leather to renew and restore original color and softness to your leather.

We can completely re-dye most types of leather to any preferred coloration. It brings leather back to a new like appearance.

Terms of Leather

Finished Leather

P- Protected Also known as Finished, Semi Aniline, Everyday, Pigmented and Painted

These leathers have combined the best aspects of a natural product (Leather) and have utilized tannery technology to create a product that is more uniform in appearance and color.

Unfinished Leather

A Aniline Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked and Unprotected

These are Leathers that are colored with transparent dyestuff. This means you are able to see the actual surface grain markings. These Leathers have very little or no protective treatments applied to them.

N NuBuck Also know as Chaps, Distressed, Bomber and Suede

These are actually Aniline Leathers that the surface has been brushed and have created a texture similar to velvet on Leather. Suede is the flesh side of a piece of Leather and NuBuck is an effect that is done to the grain side. Because NuBucks and Aniline Leathers are alike, it's sometimes hard to tell them apart. We are experts when it comes to Furniture Cleaning in San Diego, and you can trust us when it comes to cleaning your leather furniture.

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"Our Technicians Are At Your Service"

"Different leather pieces require different methods & products."
Dear Sirs,

I had my white leather sofa, loveseat and chair cleaned by your firm yesterday. I used to clean it myself but decided to have it done professionally this time. It was an excellent choice.

I had to call your office this morning to tell you that my furniture looks exceptional. Like new! A job well done is worth bragging about. I am also sending you this letter for your extensive portfolio of happy customers.

Thank you,
Don Carey NFL Referee
San Diego, CA

"Michael, Tonys son."

Dear Tony,

Last year when I visited my son from out of town, I called you to clean my son's leather sofa. The work was fantastic, both my son and I was very pleased.

Now that I am back visiting my son, this time his carpet needs cleaning and naturally I called your company to do the work. James is a very competent and professional young man. The carpets look outstanding!

Too bad you are not in Florida to clean my furniture and carpeting. One fine connection to your company in my home is your Carpet Spot Remover that I do use and is very effective.

Thank you for your dependable and fine service.

Mary F.
Carmel Valley, CA

"Tony, our founder."

"We do not use harsh chemicals that will dry out your leather."
Dear Tony's Best Way,

When I called you office yesterday, and spoke to Irene, she assured me that my old, worn and dirty beige leather furniture will look like new after they clean and condition them. I felt a little doubtful. However, the cleaning was needed!

Minutes after James, Tony's son, and his technicians left I called Irene to praise their excellent service. Not only did my furniture look outstanding, these young men were courteous, professional, clean and responsible.

I wanted to let you know that my furniture looks sensational; it has miraculously been restored. I can hardly wait for my husband to come home and see it. He will think I went out and bought new furniture and spent thousands of dollars.

I am only sorry that I had some other company clean my carpets; next time I will request your services. In addition, be assured I will recommend Tony's Best Way to others; my best friend has a huge house and her carpet needs cleaning.

Again, Thank You for your extraordinary restoration technique.

Linda B.
Encinitas, CA

"Our low moisture method produces excellent results."

May 21, 2006

Dear Best Way,

I needed the name of a reliable company to clean my leather furniture. I remembered that some time ago I had received a Done Right Directory in the mail which listed recommended companies to service the home. I saw your company cleans leather furniture and decided to give you a call. Nikki was very pleasant on the phone and very helpful. When James and his crew arrived, they couldn't have been any nicer! It took them a short, but through, time to clean and condition my 2 couches, chair and foot rest. When they were done I could not believe how much they looked like they were brand new! They felt so smooth and soft and the original color actually came back. The chair had some major sun damage and your company cheerfully came back out and conditioned the chair once again. After that second time, it too looked brand new! It is amazing what your company can do for sun damaged leather! I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know and will have them come back when I need them again! Count me as one VERY satisfied customer! (Did I mention how nice James and the guys were?)

Thank you,
Joyce G.
Pacific Beach, CA

"James, Tonys son and lead technician."

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"Our light foam is a soil magnet!"

"Before and after leather conditioning."

healthy carpet cleaning
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